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Sunday, the 24th of September : everyone comes to Marigny for the 36th Duo Normand !

Results of 2017 are here !


In memory of Ian Bashford and for love of sport...

... the 36th Duo Normand will occur on Sunday, the 24th of September in Marigny.

After the beautiful but terrible race in 2016, we prepare the Duo Normand 2017. Security is checked, all the details are studied to prevent most of what could happen and we look for anythnig to update or to make better. The road won't change in 2017 but following cars won't be able to run the last 12 kilometers (between Marigny and Montreuil-sur-Lozon). We are trying to organise a neutral help but will give more informations later.

We have already contact some Elite but the day of the race is not as good as last year, looking the mondial championship. Maybe the French racers will come and try to win this year ! To be followed are also the "velos couchés" who had the best result for a long time last year, just before the last Elite arrived. Maybe they can win ?

Waiting to welcome you in Marigny, you can look at 2016 results here ranked by start time... in order to plan 2017 event !

Sorry for the mistakes...

The entry form will open on June, the 1st and close on September, the 12th (except if the number of 400 teams is done before !). Start time will be known on September, the 16th. 

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Le duo Normand

Duo Normand

Sign up before 09/12/2017 to take part in the 36th edition of the Duo Normand. Open on June, the 1st. For unlicensed riders, please send your medical certificate to doc.duonormand@orange.fr - No validation without this document !


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Marigny (la commune de)
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Tendance Ouest
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